It’s Time to take Your Power Back!

Have you ever felt powerless when dealing with an issue with a financial institution or other large corporate entity? I sure have, finding myself stuck in the loop of “it’s not my job” or getting conflicting information from numerous sources that makes me want to avoid the conversation completely.

Recently I found myself in a situation that went on for months. At the beginning of the year, we changed our business name, I knew it would entail a lot of paperwork and I was ready for that; what I did not expect was issues with Bank of the West. Without bogging you down in the details, the timing of the IRS making the business name change to our EIN, Employer Identification Number, and the bank’s needs did not coincide.

I have always believed that when a change is in process and open clear concise communication is happening, all is well, that turned out to be incorrect in this case. I responded in person at the bank to each inquiry, with all the back-up documentation necessary to show due diligence, I was focused on the same goal as the bank. I researched the IRS requirements (providing copies to the bank), spoke with my accountant, and filed the appropriate paperwork, which was in my control. What was not in my control was the amount of time it took for the IRS to make the final changes.

In spite of all of this we received a letter stating that the account would be closed in 10 days, I went back in to see what we could salvage. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the bank for having certain requirements, I thought we were in a process together, moving toward the solution; silly me… After the bank reviewed everything once again, the paperwork was sent to legal.  I was told “don’t worry or do anything until we hear back.”  That was when the climate in the bank changed. Where I was once greeted by smiles and called by name, I now received fleeting glances and the appearance of being very busy with something that they could not look up from. A week or so passed and then I received a call that the bank had information for me and to call at my convenience. When I went in and spoke to the bank manager she was barely civil to me; a fake smile would have been a step up. Bottom line, “We are closing your account.” I did negotiate a short time period to re-group. In the process I found out what they wanted from the IRS was now completed.

Now here is the point of writing about this at all. I watched myself being deeply impacted by this situation:

  • I would wake up thinking about it (there was an impact on my business after all); I kept looking to see if I had missed anything.

  •  I felt powerless to be heard or supported with the bank. (The one person that I had dealt with from the beginning left the branch, now no one knew the complete picture)

  • I began dreading going into the bank and started using the ATM. I do not enjoy using the ATM…I was getting smaller.

  • I wanted to defend myself as if this was a personal attack.

  • I was losing my personal power and experiencing stress.

I decided to vote with my feet and changed banks; it felt really good and yet not enough. Aimée had a running documentation of what went on and sent a letter to the new President of Bank of the West.  Aimée was the head of service quality for Charles Schwab and Citibank for many years, and she knows service inside and out. After two attempts to meet with the manager in person failed, I wrote a letter and closed my account.

I have no expectations of what may come from these two communications, only that I spoke up and said, “No, I will not be treated this way and continue to bank with you.” It was a necessary process for me to reclaim my power.

Where are you playing small or giving your power away? Sometimes this can be very subtle. I did not recognize using the ATM as avoidance immediately… It may be in your job, relationship, your communications and choices. Many years ago I was unable to express which restaurant I would like to go to, for fear of making a wrong choice; not the case anymore!

I invite you to identify one area that you are willing to take your power back in and begin taking steps in that new direction. I guarantee you it will be worth any angst that you hit up against. Freedom is just a few baby steps away. Leave a comment on the BLOG to let me know how you are progressing.

Love and blessings,

Karen & Aimee

Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?

With our busy lives, taking care of ourselves is more important than ever—yet it’s often the last thing on our minds. We think that we have to meet that deadline, use break time to run errands, accomplish all the items on our list before more gets added to it.

Last week we had our inaugural gathering of Afternoon Retreats: Gatherings for Extraordinary Women, where we discovered a common theme: the challenge of taking time for yourself.

This Afternoon Retreat was 4 hours out of one week of the month, if you are working a full time 40 hour week job (and for many that would be a luxury) that leaves approximately 172 hours, and yet the mind says “I can’t take time out for a retreat, I have work to do.” I know you can relate.

The rewards were great for those that broke through the mind chatter and attended and had the experience of a retreat that left you uplifted and energized.   We all know the negative impact on our lives and health that stress can have—so, let’s find some balance.

Take this self-quiz to see how well you are taking care of yourself.

  1. 1. When I’m upset and/or feeling hopeless, I talk about the situation with a like-minded friend, family member or healer. And if I need help, I ask for it.
  1. I let go of the way things used to be. I accept the way things are.
  1. Every day I do something physical even if it’s just a walk around the block or a 15-minute workout.
  1. I eat healthfully and take the time to enjoy my meals. I set aside work, driving and other activities while I eat.
  1. I think positively. I view problems as opportunities and obstacles as challenges.
  1. I can say no when I need or want to.
  1. I remember to breathe deeply and often.
  1. If I’m experiencing physical symptoms I know my body is attempting to get my attention, I go to the appropriate health care professional. I don’t panic about the symptoms, and I don’t deny them either.
  1. I can be happy with “good enough.” I don’t demand perfection in everything that I do.
  1. I recognize the value of working in different gears. Some tasks require less effort. That saves energy for those times when I need to have a higher level of focus.
  1. I get enough sleep and relaxation daily.
  1. I value my personal relationships and give them the time and energy they need and deserve to thrive.
  1. I choose healthy ways to relieve stress. I don’t rely on crutches, such as drinking, television and overeating.
  1. I recognize the importance of breaks during the day, as well as mini and extended vacations.
  1. I listen to and respect my feelings.

If you answered ‘FALSE’ to several of these, you may want to take an honest look at the impact your choices may be having.

Choose an inspired action step from 1-2 areas that will allow you to begin making changes now; you deserve the very best for yourself!

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like support in taking better care of yourself.


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Dancing!

I have recently had my life turn in a completely unexpected direction; it would have been great if it was a “winning the lottery” direction, this one involved more tears than joy. One of those situations that climbing into bed and pulling the covers over your head for a few days feels like a viable option. I know I can’t be the only one, I imagine many of you are nodding your heads, “yes,” knowing you have been there. Maybe it was heartache or loss a long while back or a disappointment that has been more recent and yet you can when remember life was one way and then it wasn’t. Sometimes it’s a speed bump or jolt and sometimes your world is rocked all the way to the foundation. The plans you were making are no longer possible and everything feels foreign and uncertain.

Last week I was doing errands, pleasantly surprised that I was doing pretty well.  I went into the bank, walked back to the car, greeted my sweet little dog, got back in the car and slumped over the steering wheel sobbing. After a short while I lifted my head to see the blue sky and the buds beginning to blossom on a tree and smiled. Even though I was in deep pain the beauty and joy of life was reaching out to tell me…you can have this too, just stay aware.

As I began this journey of healing I called my guidance in even more closely. I knew I needed their support as my energy was noticeably depleted, I felt very fragile and tender. I immediately felt the presence of love enfolding me, bathed in light. I cannot say enough of about the support that was offered on the physical realm also, I am blessed beyond measure with friends who not only support me; they offer authentic communication that examines all sides of the situation including “my part”; now that is an expression of love.

I have been spending a lot of time in contemplation and in a quiet moment I asked myself “what do you want?” The answer came through clearly,” I want to dance.” Dance has always been a passion of mine, it was about to become a healing spiritual practice.

With my heart heavy and eyes swollen from crying I let my vanity go and attended an afternoon beginner’s ballroom dance class. For the next 2 ½ hours I was transported to a place without heartache and touched on the joy I had prayed was underneath. Now each week I dance, transported just like the first time to a place of joy. I imagine before I enter the ballroom that there is someone else in this group that is experiencing a hard time or heartache. My intention is bring more light and joy to each person I come in contact with; in the end, it is I who benefit the most, I am enriched by their smiles. Aimée and I teach the benefit of feeling whatever is happening fully, in order to move the emotions through. Some days it is easier than others and yet while dancing I realized I could be with both, the sorrow did not overshadow the joy.

We cannot design our lives in a way that eliminates pain; that is simply a fact. What you do with the pain when it does appear is what shapes you. Birds learn to fly never knowing where it will take them; they just know they need to fly. I have yet to see everything that my situation is bringing to me; and yet, dancing is providing me with my wings to fly.

I invite you to find some quiet space and ask yourself, “What do I really want to bring into my life just because it will make me happy?” Make a date with yourself and put it on your calendar; the most important step you can take is to begin!

May the energies of Spring awaken and empower you.

Light and Love,

Creativity is Calling You????

Tree_in_palm_of_hand__iStock_000004633733XSmallThe sound may be faint as the stirring of butterfly wings or as loud as a brass band on Fourth of July. Or you may not hear a sound at all, but feel an urging, an inner pull, a sense of excitement and longing that resonates from within. This is the call to create, and it is universal, bidding each of us to bring something new into being.

“Creativity is the Self searching for itself,” said George Gamez, Ph.D., author of How to Catch Lightning in a Bottle. We create in order to express our unique visions and perceptions. We create to communicate and to form a bond with our fellow human beings. Creative expression helps us feel connected to the world and builds bridges of understanding. It nourishes us and helps us grow, provides insights and deeper understandings. Creativity is fun, exciting and playful. It relieves stress and releases tension. It provides a way of communication when normal channels may be blocked or are insufficient—when we must speak in colors and textures and shimmering visions and music.

Creativity is love expressing itself; it heals and renews. Our creations are mirrors in which others may see themselves and the signature of our lives that says, “This is how I saw it.”

Everyone is Creative; yes, especially YOU!

No matter what you may have been told, every one of us is creative. It is as much a part of us as our voice and breath and fingerprints. Creativity isn’t just about making “art.” Cooking, gardening, handiwork and crafts, keeping a journal and spiritual practice are all creative acts. Arranging flowers or rearranging furniture, painting a picture or painting a room, singing or dancing on stage or singing in the shower—these are responses to the call.

Creativity is a way of living. It is being spontaneous and playful, exercising the imagination, finding solutions, and embracing possibilities and doing it all with passion. Creativity is the moment you are in the flow with yourself.

Yet for all the joy and fulfillment it brings, some resist the call to be creative. In our culture the ideas that “Time is money” and “Art is frivolous” hold certain sway, and old messages such as, “Stay inside the lines” or “You can do better than that” have remarkable staying power. It takes courage to look beneath the surface of what we’ve been told in order to find our heart’s desire.

Creativity requires risk-taking. It asks us to surrender, to lose control and to trust. “Committing to our creativity is an act of faith,” wrote Jan Phillips, in Marry Your Muse. “A promise to believe in ourselves.”

Honoring the creative “Self” means finding time, making space, being patient and taking the chance of looking foolish. You cannot care too much what others may think or say. You must be willing to start over and stay with it; creativity takes stamina. There are no magical secrets or absolute rules. Creativity can’t be taught. You just do it. “Creativity belongs to the artist in each of us,” said Corita Kent.

Like the body’s natural urge for motion and the human need for connection and community, the spirit longs to express itself. So when you hear the call to create, answer, “Yes.” It is your self, searching for your “Self,” a movement toward being whole.

We would love to hear about what inspires your “creativity”. Send an email to

What’s All The Fuss About Ascension?

I first heard about the advent of the New Age of Enlightenment when I was in my 20’s.  What got my attention the most were the words, “in your lifetime.”  At the time, I was deeply entrenched in the struggle that I had wrongly assumed was, “just the way life is on Earth.”  It had certainly been that way for our ancestors and their learning is passed along to us via the bloodline and the DNA, so we are programmed to expect the worst.  My father taught me the art of “making the best out of a bad job.”  He thought it was the secret to life.  Later, I realized that it assumed that life kept throwing us bad jobs!

A few years later, I learned about the possibility of getting onto the path of joy and ease.  I knew I was in trouble since I grew up in England where everything was hard and we were told, “We all learn our lessons the hard way.”  I decided that I better get started.  Every time I found myself in the struggle, I would stop what I was doing, take a breath and choose again.  If I resumed the task and found that I was still struggling, I took a short break, physically getting out of my own way.  Eventually, I noticed that I was always looking for the easiest way to get something done and if something was too hard, I assumed I had taken the wrong path and chose again.

I am so grateful for these early forecasts of what was to come.  Now, I understand that we have ended The Age of Darkness where we accepted government corruption, patriarchal domination, perpetual war, world hunger and slavery of all kinds as a way of life.  Locked into a 3rd dimensional world of duality, we have all been leading fear-based lives.  Scientists have told us that we have only been using 5-10% of the potential of the brain – we’ve allowed our negative thinking to terrorize and control us.  We have given our power away.  We either drag our past along with us as a justification of why our life can’t work out or project into the future hoping everything will be different while fearing that it will be just the same.  The day-to-day struggle for survival has disconnected us from remembering who we really are, from our true identities.

As energy beings, we create our reality from the vibrational frequency we maintain.  This vibrational frequency comes from the thoughts, words, actions and feelings we choose, as well as the quality of the energy stored in our chakras or energy centers.  The quality of this energy attracts matching energy – so many of us keep attracting more situations and relationships that disappoint or hurt us.  The more we accept that this is the way life is the more this will continue.

But now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to rise up or ascend from this 3rd dimensional world of suffering and struggle to the 5th dimension world of joy and ease.

We cannot be in the past or the future in the 5th dimension, because the only time that exists there is present time.  That means to create everything you have ever wanted for yourself you only have to be 100% aligned with it for it to manifest.

How do we take advantage of this opportunity, this invitation to ascend?  It’s very simple.  You are ready to ascend to the next dimension, which means to the next level of reality, when you are done with living a fear-based life, living in linear time, and in a world based on duality (right/wrong, good/bad, should/shouldn’t).  When you are truly done with this, you stop siphoning off the energy, provided for you to be happy in the present, into the past or future, and you recognize that all you need is provided in the present moment.  This requires releasing attachment to “your story,” your wounds, your resentments, your out-dated beliefs, your false identity, and as a result you lighten up your energy field in readiness for your ascension.

Many of you reading this have been preparing for December 21st 2102, just as we have.  For many others, you have not been aware of this opportunity or not making it a priority to do your work.  However, it is not too late…

December 21st in the year 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and has been predicted by many to be the end of the world.  It is the end of the world, as we have known it, – the end of life in the 3rd dimension for as many who are ready to embrace the shift.  Karen and I work with 20 Ascended Masters who are as committed as we are to supporting those who are ready into the new dimension.  To this end, our 12/21 Winter Solstice event,

Is designed to support all participants in making peace with their past, releasing all attachment to suffering and struggle and being ushered into the next dimension.  All you need is your willingness to let go of what no longer serves you!

As a final word, it must be said, all of us who incarnated at this time came with a commitment to be a part of this shift on Earth.  Many have decided that it’s too hard or have gotten distracted.  Will you keep your commitment?  It’s going to be a long wait for the next opportunity to come along…

Love and blessings,

Aimée Lyndon-Adams

A Juicy Day In The Life Of…

Thursday is a day during which we do not schedule any client sessions.  The day is for us to fill back up, work on our business, and spend the day together.

Nevertheless, our day started in the usual manner.  That is to say, we begin each day in gratitude, ground and center, and then set our intentions for the day in prayer and meditation.

Karen had an early appointment to have her neck adjusted.  We don’t put up with suffering any more.  If help is at hand we take it!  When she returned, we left for a yummy breakfast to give us fuel for the day and to experience being served ourselves.  We left the restaurant laughing (we crack ourselves up!).

We came home and sat with our 20 Ascended Masters as we downloaded the information for our next Facet of Brilliance: Simplicity.  (Each month, our Guides focus us on what will be most helpful to our participants in this exclusive 6-month revolving program.)   Playfully, the Guides pointed out how we humans are our own worst enemies as we overcomplicated even the mundane in life!

Easing into our next assignment, we conducted the second of two monthly calls for our Facets of Brilliance group.  This call offered coaching and accelerated healing for all on the call.

Hungry again (are you finding that you are ravenous all the time, too?) we ate a leisurely lunch and before we know it, it was time to leave for our monthly cedar enzyme bath at Osmosis. We bought their rejuvenation package last year to lock in our self-care regime – yes, we practice what we preach…

This day, we were scheduled to receive a 75-minute massage after the enzyme bath as an extra thank you to both of us for leading one of their Vitality Quests earlier in the month.  Such pampering!  We thought we were already filled to the brim but no, a favorite aesthetician offered us free samples of our favorite skin care product and when checking out we heard that the feedback from the Vitality Quest participants had been so overwhelmingly positive that the management team are now committed to finding more ways for us to work with them.  Isn’t positive feedback wonderful?

Home to reconnect with our honeys and share all of the juicy energy we were now bathed in before slipping easily into a deep night of restoring sleep with overflowing gratitude for all of the surprises and delights of this day!

How I Found My Joy…

Have you heard that we are living in the most amazing time on earth? Have you heard it said that we planned to be here and that it is a privilege? Have you heard that we are aligned for highest amount of growth and empowerment faster than ever before? Yes, all of that is true…and yet…I asked myself why I was not feeling on top of the world if this is such an amazing time?  I have work I love, a home I love, the best business partner anyone could imagine, I am deeply connected to my guidance and I am surrounded by more love than I have ever experienced before…ever. Even with all of this, I was feeling flat to the point of recognizing that often I did not have anything in a week that I really looked forward to. I have to laugh as I write this because that statement is not completely true. Aimée and I take one day a week to fully focus on our business; we do not see clients on this day. We quickly discovered that we do our best and most productive planning while dining out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant. I completely look forward to picking each week’s restaurant, sharing and creating together.

Recently I checked in with my guides asking where I was in my personal evolvement, I wanted a touchstone of how far I had come and to create the focus necessary to move forward. The number I surprised me a bit, with all my focus on spirituality and growth I thought it would be higher. (Do you detect some ego here? J; I will save that topic for another time…) The guidance I received on how to shift this was very interesting; “in order to raise my frequency to the level I desire, I must begin moving my body.” I have been talking about exercise for a long time, I was interested in exercise and yet I knew until I was committed I would not make any progress. I had announced my commitment at the recent Connecting with Your Guides Retreat, now it was time to walk my talk.

I investigated numerous options and decided to take an African Dance class, something completely new to me.  I arrived at the studio a few minutes early not sure of what to expect. I was surprised to see car after car arrive with energetic women wearing African clothing, along with four men carrying their drums. The excitement was palpable, “Wow this must be some class,” I thought. While still in the parking lot, I asked a woman if they danced barefoot or with shoes, “Barefoot,” she said. I let her know this was my first class and she lit up, “Wow! You must have some powerful guidance to show up here today for your first class!” I had no idea what she was referring to, but here is what the universe put together for me. This class was going to be taught by Mabiba, a professional dancer from the Congo. She is considered to be the teachers’ teacher, the best of the best. Immediately all of my old conditioning came up, “I’m not good enough,” “I will stand out like a sore thumb,” “It may be better to watch for awhile and come back to another class and enter this world of African Dance slowly.” I noticed the negative programming, remembered how many times in my 59 years something like this would have stopped me: “Not this time I vowed!” I grabbed my courage, my water bottle and put on my smile, and off I went to a room packed with dancers and drummers ready to do my best for the next hour.

As the drums began, bodies moving along with the beat, I was transported – my heart was wide open, joy was pulsing throughout my body, and my feet moved to a new rhythm. I knew I had found the expression that made me feel more alive, connected and happy. I was surprised when I looked at the clock and saw that two hours had passed. Ending this first experience of African Dance, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment, gratitude and joy; it was a new beginning.

I intended to use this class as spiritual practice and reflected on what I experienced later in the day. I arrived grounded and centered which set me up to do my best, I knew I must be in my body to learn and perform. I lost that connection numerous times as my mind took over and put me in thinking mode. The choreography that Mabiba taught was intricate and fast paced. She stopped us in the middle of one dance, looked around the room with her radiant sparking eyes and said “let go of the counting and thinking. Connect deeply in your belly and smile from within your body, now dance from here”. She could have said “reconnect to your grounding and centering and begin again” As we all began to move it was with a new flow, ease and connection to the beat, the room aglow with the smiles shining from within.

I have attended two additional classes since then with different teachers; the joy was there the moment I pulled into the parking lot. My muscles are sore, my feet hurt as they are being asked to support me in ways that are new, and with each bit of discomfort I celebrate…I am alive and dancing.

I have been hearing more and more from clients and friends that life has become flat, over challenging, with nothing to look forward to. This is your whisper from spirit telling you to get off the couch, out of your daily routine/comfort zone and discover what makes you come alive. It could be dance, art, nature, volunteering for a cause that expands your heart, this list is without limit. Try numerous avenues until you find what makes your heart sing and possibly your body move.

I invite you to share your commitment to discovering or expanding on your joy. Send an email to describing what you are doing. We will hold that intention with you assisting you in your next step of joy and awakening. The time is now do not wait another minute!!

Light and Love


Am I There Yet?

As the year is winding down, and it has been an extremely pivotal year, many of us begin reflecting on the journey that was experienced thus far. It is very easy to identify the places that we did not meet our own high aspirations, the list can build quickly, giving the evidence that there is much more work to do.

I have heard many people stating “Are you kidding I still haven’t learned this yet”? or “at my age I thought I would have this all figured out by now”, “what do I need to do to get to the end…will I ever cross the finish line”.

Many years ago at a very pivotal time in my life, one of my lowest points, I was asked to vision where I wanted to be in 10 years. I took the task deeply to heart and envisioned every detail, many felt far out of reach. Holding on to that vision as I was restructuring my life was extremely helpful. At the time I felt that if I could achieve this vision I would have the life I dreamed of while living blissfully happily ever after, I would finally be through it all, complete. Many aspects of that vision did not materialize; I have a deep feeling of gratitude for that. You see I had planned my life much smaller than the one I was meant to be living. From my vantage point of digging out from a dark hole the initial vision appeared to be fabulous. As the growth continued I was open too much more of the magic and miracles available in life.

I now celebrate that I will always be a work in progress. Each lesson learned or success reached provides a new view and opportunity. Each day is filled with wonder and curiosity to see what will be revealed. I know that the heartaches and tears come with the territory of living a human experience; I welcome the challenges and the joys with open arms.

Isn’t what you really want is to be with every experience fully to learn, stretch and grow? Begin asking yourself how can I reach my full potential today and how can I serve others. By embracing the process of evolvement you will be able to drop the judgment that continues to reinforce that you are not good enough “yet”.

There is no place to get to other than exactly where you are now, step into that place fully. By giving positive acknowledgment to where you are currently the universe supports you in expanding even further. I invite you answer the following questions at the end of your day:

~        What am I most grateful for?

~        What is one success experienced today?

~        Did I give and receive love today?

~        Did I play my own music?

~        Did I make a difference?





Top 10 Daily Practices of Loving Relationships

February brings us into the month of Love…well at least on the 14th. For many this is a joyful time, for others it only brings stress. For some, the feeling of being alone, and not part of a couple, rises to the surface; everywhere you look, it seems that everyone is coupled. For others, the stress comes from feeling that they need to create the most romantic, over-the-top event of the year, and what if it is not enough?

I am focusing on love that sustains over the long term and not only romantic love and not only on Valentine’s Day. We are experiencing relationships on many levels every day and each one is filled with the opportunity for loving expression.

Living with those you love—whether they be a spouse, significant other, housemate, children or older parents—brings intimacy and stresses that are different from other relationships.

Here are 10 daily practices that help keep the love flowing and the relationships growing.  

  1. Share something from your day. Involve your loved ones in your life outside the home—or inside your heart.
  2. Express appreciation. Show that you notice their daily contributions to the family and your life. Receiving a “thank you” for doing the dishes or taking out the trash feels soooo good!
  3. Eat dinner together. Connecting with each other over food is an ancient human practice. It’s worth it to make time for this warming activity.
  4. Do something for yourself. Doing what nourishes you strengthens your relationships. No one can love you more than you love yourself. Taking time for your needs is not selfish – it is essential.
  5. Smile. Laughing is even better—especially if it’s at ourselves!
  6. Express regret and make up. The sooner, the better, and from a truly open heart.
  7. Take responsibility. Renew daily your vow to hunt out your own “stuff,” to own it as yours, and to do the work of transforming it.
  8. Be a sanctuary. Give psychic “shade” to each other from the scorching rays of difficult days; no dumping.
  9. Speak from the heart. Risk telling the truth about your feelings. When you own your feelings, a new depth of connection is available.
  10. Envision the best. It’s a wonderful bedtime meditation to visualize your loved ones inhabiting their highest, best selves.

I invite you to begin living and loving consciously. Where can you spread light and love today? Notice what your experience is over the next 30 days as you commit to this practice.

Email info@raisemyvibes to share your insights and experiences.

Love to you all on this Valentine’s Day!



Celebrate Along With Nature

Have you noticed that things aren’t slowing down? That the changes and shifts and new energies just keep stepping up? Are you thrilled with all this or feeling nervous and even fearful with what is going on. . . whether personally or professionally, emotionally or physically, locally or globally? You can expect that this speed will remain, so what do you do in the midst of it? It is very important to stay in tune with the rhythms of nature to navigate these changes in the best way possible, there is much support here.

August is the month that nature celebrates her maturity. The hatchlings now have wings to fly, the garden is producing its bounty, and the trees are heavy laden with fruit.

Lammas, August 1st, is the cross-quarter day mid-way between summer and winter solstice. Although the days are long the sun rises later and sets earlier. We experience a sense of abundance at the same time we begin to feel an urgency to prepare for the upcoming death brought on by winter.  It’s time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the past few months, and recognize that the bright summer days will soon come to an end. The rhythms of the earth are shifting and energies are beginning to draw inward. You may be feeling the tug for introspection beginning already. August reminds us of the impermanence of all things.

For months now I continually heard the guidance “be prepared”. When I first heard it I was asking “be prepared for what”, as if it was only one thing, how very human of me. I wondered if it was to have a fresh water supply stored along with food and candles etc., and yes that is part of it. After a while I let go of the “what” and began walking with the energy of “be prepared”. What has been shown is the balance of being prepared on all levels, physical, emotional and especially spiritual. During the past few years the guides were continually reinforcing “No More Sloppy Spirituality” and while that is always an appropriate focus, we are way beyond that now. We are being asked to have our spiritual practice so deeply engrained that it is part of each moment, breath and decision that we make. I have learned that “be prepared” means to be aligned to receive the guidance that is being offered each and every moment, without a break or delay in the process.

So many miracles are waiting to be bestowed upon each of us; the question is “are you ready to receive them”? If you are reading this article you know you have been called to bring forth your highest self along with all your light, gifts and talents to the world, do not delay one more moment. The energies of August will support you in reaping your own personal harvest and preparing the ground for your continued growth and expansion.

With love and Light



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