It’s Time to Play a Bigger Game!

We are all being called to play a bigger game these days.  We’re moving from co-dependence or independence to interdependence, and that requires an expansion in our thinking and actions, beyond just ourselves and our own lives.   The world has been made up of takers and givers.  Interdependence is about reciprocity: in other words, it’s about giving back.

We’re all playing for bigger stakes this lifetime.  Self-absorption, separation, focusing on our own agendas has gotten us into this mess on Earth.  It’s so interesting how when we play for bigger stakes our own needs get covered.

When you are up against a problem in your own life you often cannot see beyond your life experience. It becomes the center of your universe and can at times be all consuming. The longer the focus remains on the problem the more all encompassing it becomes, many withdraw at this point. Is there a way out? Yes, the solution is woven into the problem although it is easy to miss unless you step back to get a new perspective. The antidote is to open and give rather than withdraw and contract. If you are in fear of not having enough money give to someone that has less, volunteer for an organization that you have an affinity with, clean out the clothes that you no longer wear, or fit into, and pass them on. The key here is to look beyond your own life and expand your view. What happens every time and I mean every time is that you open to the flow of the universe. You begin to embrace that there is more than enough time, money, health, joy and love for everyone and by sharing you bring more of what you want to yourself.

If you are reading this newsletter, you made a commitment to the Universe this lifetime to be an Anchor for the Light.  As each of us keeps this commitment, we inspire others to raise their frequency, life force energy, too.  As we go through this shift on Earth, raising frequency is the way we can safely steer through.  As more of us raise our frequency, more of our brothers and sisters around us will also be safe.

Does this sound like a tall order? It does until you embrace that you are part of the Oneness and it is impossible to be alone, everything that you need to succeed in this life is already provided. The more love and goodwill there is, the quicker the change will come. But it all starts in you. Therefore the sooner you realize it; the sooner changes will take place all around you, and so go out into the world. I invite you to choose to play a bigger game, extend yourself every day, the rewards will also be bigger than you imagined.

Love and Blessings


Blackberry Wisdom

We are living in a world that is pure energy; we are connected to everything around us. This knowing is growing deeper within us all every day. Our fast-paced and demanding world often prevents us from finding time to connect to the many gifts around us, especially the gifts found in nature. I am filled with gratitude everyday to be living in Northern California among the majestic redwoods and lush countryside. Nature shows us its teachings and wisdom each day when we slow down enough to be with it. Wisdom can arrive in the most unexpected places, such as I have recently experienced. Let me share with you the journey of the blackberries.

Due to the unusual weather patterns in Northern California the berry season has been a rather challenging experience. I love this time of year where the berries are abundant along the country roads, I can pick and savor juicy berries to my heart’s content. I experience a sense of peace and ease knowing I can walk out my door and experience the abundance of fresh berries within my reach.

Since many of you do not live in the country let me give you a brief overview of the blackberry process.

The dense thorny bush begins to flower, as the flower petals die the inner fibers surround the center providing a protective shield to the berry as it begins to form. Soon the berry becomes bigger and shows itself emerging through the fibers.  Now with the correct amount of sun and water a big juicy blackberry will appear. This year’s cooler weather created a condition that did not allow the berries to ripen in the usual time frame; I became very engrossed in the process, ok maybe obsessed at times.

First I noticed the anticipation that I felt each time I went to check the bushes, my mouth would water just thinking about the berry. Day after day the same situation presented itself, unripe berries. I would go back home in frustration. Once the berries appeared ripe I was out with my bucket and once again disappointed, even though they appeared ripe they were very sour. Each visit to the bush showed me how impatient and attached to the outcome of instant gratification I was. After a couple of weeks of this, yes sometimes it takes awhile for reality to sink in, I decided to be in the process with nature’s timeline and not mine.

Finally big fat juicy blackberries were everywhere and I could easily pick all I wanted. The berries were within reach and they were effortless to gather. After awhile the outer berries were gone and I had to reach deeper into the bush, scratching my hands and arms on the thorns, and the reward was even larger juicy berries. I have now picked the last of the berries for this year and leave those that are way out of reach to feed the birds. .

As I reflected on the season of the blackberries I noticed wisdom emerging. The same qualities that grow the juiciest berries support your personal growth.

  1. Patience-the growth process has a timeline, pushing to quickly does not necessarily provide a more positive outcome.
  2. Provide a nurturing environment. Practice extreme self care with adequate rest and nutrition while treating yourself gently. Surround yourself with things you love along with loving supportive people.
  3. Growth has layers; don’t settle for that which is in easy reach.
  4. The deeper lessons that are more challenging to wade through often hold the biggest payoff, be willing to reach through the thorns, the scratches are part of the journey.
  5. Slow down and meet your life with curiosity and humor.

A short time in nature will quickly raise your vibrational frequency bringing about a state of wellbeing. I invite you to take time each day to connect to yourself through nature and experience a deep inner state of alignment, peace and joy.

If you would like to share your nature wisdom experiences email

Love and Blessings,







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