For all women who live in the San Francisco Bay Area…


This Professional Networking Gathering
For Extraordinary Women
Is Like No Other…

This unique gathering offers
a relaxed environment to be
re-charged, re-inspired and re-connected
and to do business with
like-minded professional women like you.

Women at DevA
  • Are you ready for networking to be fun: to take the “work” out of networking?

  • Are you looking for new business solutions that will allow you to be successful and have a life?

  • Are you craving a community where you feel seen, valued and supported?

Did you know there’s a way to get
more done by doing less?

We have tested this theory and it works! When you take a break from technology from time-to-time and schedule regular face-to-face time with like-minded women, you will find, as we did, that your energy, enthusiasm and creativity is renewed by connection.

At the same time, perhaps you are looking for new ways to grow your business?

There’s no doubt about it, women like to build the “know”, “like”, and “trust” factor before doing business with another. We like the time to get to know one’s another, to build a relationship first: this way business is sustainable over time.

Dearest Extraordinary Woman…

We’re Karen and Aimée and we have a new solution with a demonstrated track record! Over the years, we’ve attended many women’s events, business professional gatherings, and networking meetings where all too often we left feeling tired, de-energized and questioning if it was all a waste of our precious time. We found little that was truly nourishing and resented the “push” energy of the room.

After all, how much can you absorb when you are feeling pressured to perform? This began the conversation about what kind of event would we want to attend? A networking event you can hardly wait to get to each month…

Karen and Aimee with Developing Alliances in the Bay Area

We have good news!
Experience an even better way to connect!

Imagine investing one afternoon each month to attend a unique business gathering for extraordinary women (yes, that’s you!) that offers a nurturing and uplifting environment so you can be inspired, renewed, educated, and recognized. A networking event where you will get to meet and connect with other extraordinary professional women and grow your business by developing new relationships.

That’s Right…

This Is Not Your Typical
Business Networking Meeting!

Join us for just a few hours a month where you will:

  • Be inspired and educated by our top-of-the-line speakers
  • Learn new tips and techniques for being more conscious in business
  • Make new business connections with other professional women
  • Be nurtured by the warmth and beauty of our meeting space
  • Leave re-energized, recharged, and motivated to take better care of yourself

And we don’t stop there! But, we know that one way to refill you is to surprise and delight you!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Legends Bennett Valley Golf Club
from 1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

This Month’s Special Guest Speaker:

Susan Rueppel, Destiny Doula
“Activate Your Success Body
Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny…”

Do you have plenty of great ideas for your business, but struggle with getting them out in the world?


Do you wish staying focused and on track was easier, so you can more easily make progress and have more fun launching and growing your business?
In Susan’s inspiring and interactive 75-minute presentation, you will:
  • Understand your Success Body
  • Identify your 4 Potent Pillars of Power
  • Fully activate your chakras to power up your business
  • Raise  your vibrational frequency and know how to maintain it
  • Fuel your ideas with more energy so you can gain crystal clarity on your next steps
  • Learn to turn your ideas into reality with ease…so you can transform your Fate into your Destiny!
Client experience:  The process itself was exciting, elevating and FUN!  I have been able to move on from an especially challenging time in my life and continue to take clear and inspired actions on my business projects and to clear any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter and let it all go!  My intentions are clearer and the results from my actions are having more impact on others by being of service through my business and personal life.” B.A.


SusanSusan Rueppel, WINtuition®


Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. is the founder and owner of WINtuition® and Personality Dynamics®.  She is a Consciousness Leader, Potentialist and Business Intuitive who illuminates the unique genius of women entrepreneurs to make business easier, more profitable, and more fun.  As a Destiny Doula, she assists women in birthing their Fate into their Destiny, so they can make an even greater positive impact in the world through their businesses and social missions.
Susan artfully and strategically blends 20+ years in Corporate America, with two decades as a professional intuitive, Personality Dynamics® trainer, author and speaker.


Having performed over 2,000 Intuitive Business Accelerator consultations, she has a unique perspective on what shifts struggle into success in business.  In her work with clients, she incorporates the activation of 4 Potent Pillars of Power to support women in transforming their passion into action and realizing their full potential.  Join us as Susan shares – and you experience – how to Activate Your Success Body to Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny.


PHONE:  916-444-1112


Reserve your seat now!
This event happens on the last
Tuesday of each month…

January through October
(special dates for November & December, 2019)

Isn’t it time for a new solution?
Take a moment to secure your space by clicking the button below
– this event fills up quickly!

We’ve been thanked repeatedly for leading by example.

We’ve taught our clients how to do less and accomplish more, grow their business through building relationships and the power of community. We feel a calling to bring this conscious way of doing business and living life fully to the forefront.

That is why we feel so passionately about bringing this self-nurturing modality to you!


You’ll be welcomed into
and feel the warmth of…

Keep Calm and Make Tea

  • Exercises and activities that allow you to release your stress and gently recharge
  • Inspirational guest speakers that will change your life forever
  • Tips and techniques that encourage you to grow your business consciously
  • Facilitated conversations that invite you to share your wisdom and expertise
  • An exquisite location that is surrounded by nature
  • Exquisite and healthy finger foods that titillate your taste buds
  • Music that accompanies your journey of rejuvenation
  • High-end teas to fortify you in bone china teacups
  • Special take-home gifts that promote your own self-care


Are you falling into the loneliness of the entrepreneur syndrome?

New studies suggest loneliness has adverse health effects. That’s something entrepreneurs need to address. We believe that we are stronger together!

We believe in collaboration versus competition. Collaboration can rapidly advance your shared interests and result in a win for all participants.

Read what others have said about Developing Alliances:

susan-berke“Aimée and Karen of What Truly Matters, our hosts of Developing Alliances: Professional Gatherings for Extraordinary Women, provide the beautiful space, the nurturing ambiance for you to grow both your business expertise and your network, and even make it easy for you by facilitating the connections you make with the other extraordinary women in attendance – but it’s up to you get yourself here!”

Susan Berke
CEO, Simply Inspired

Marlene“A truly inspiring event with an exquisite group of women.

Thank you Aimée Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth!”

Marlene Sinicki
Filmmaker & Art Director

Michaela“You’ve taken the best of other networking events and added the magic!”

Michaela McGivern

Amy“Thank you again for the wonderful gathering of Extraordinary Women…it was amazing! I love your style and energy. I will definitely be there again and bring friends. You guys are the answer to my prayers. Being a Stay-at-Home mom of the 3 kids is the most rewarding and hardest thing that I have even done. Balancing family, a home based business and my own needs have been a constant struggle – your gathering is just the remedy that I have been looking for. Thank you!”

Amy Dipman
Independent Distributor, LifeVantage

Sally“Developing Alliances is such a classy event – from walk in to walk out!”

Sally Churgel
Senior Teacher, Integrated Awareness

We hope you decide to join us on the last Tuesday of Each Month from 1-5 PM in Santa Rosa, California, because it is our greatest honor and pleasure to celebrate you, a business professional and an extraordinary woman!

Love and blessings,

Aimée and Karen


Karen and Aimee

Aimée Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth have both walked the corporate executive path on the way to becoming skilled facilitators, teachers, authors, healers and channels. They excel in “walking both worlds,” balancing and enriching life in practical everyday life with the wisdom from the Higher Worlds.

Their sparkling presence and charisma is an indication of how much they “walk their talk.” They offer exclusive programs, products, events, and individual coaching/healing sessions to their enormously loyal clients.

Please share this unique and nurturing professional gathering with your friends!

Many of our attendees bring their friends, colleagues and clients to this event, as a way to “share the wealth.” Others car pool together and have lunch first or dinner afterwards to extend the glow after the event is over.

The more we grow, the greater the opportunity for you to grow your network! We are better together!


With thanks to our Developing Alliances sponsors!


The Taste of Tea - event sponsor

The Taste of Tea
109 North Street
Healdsburg, Ca 95448
(707) 431-1995

The Leafy Lady - event sponsorThe Leafy Lady
2020 Cooper Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 486-4935


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