We were thrilled to read your responses to our question on our
Women’s Wisdom Survey at a recent DevA:
99% of you would love more opportunities to play with your DevA tribe!

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So, it is with great delight that we offer our first Adventure in Conscious Living.

Recently, we were privileged to see a one-woman show, featuring AmyJo Mattheis, called, “From Eve to Me.”

We spoke with Amy Jo after the show and she has agreed to perform it again for our tribe and your family and friends (men are welcome)!


Saturday, April 21st, 2018


7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
(invitation to linger and participate in a discussion after the show)


Coffee Catz
6761 Sebastopol Ave, Ste. 300, Sebastopol
(on-site parking)


(Space is limited so register early to avoid disappointment)

YES! I’M IN!!!


About the show:

Whether you were raised in the mythologies of religion or not, the Bible remains a potent book in our world today and is too often used to dominate and control.

From Eve to Me is a one-woman show that retells these ancient stories through the voice of the Feminine, cracking your heart open and revealing the truth that we already have the creativity and power to write NEW stories for the world we want to create!

The collection of stories presented in From Eve to Me was created over AmyJo Mattheis’ professional life as an ordained pastor, university professor, non-profit executive and as a mother, daughter, lover, partner, friend and citizen of this world and universe.

In this masterful performance, AmyJo skillfully guides her audience through an experience of ancient sacred stories from the voice of the feminine that remaps the shape of how we have been told to view the world and be in it; shifting the painful stories of domination, scarcity, separation and control to a tale of abundance, co-creation, sensuality and unity. This transformational work retells the stories that divide, separate and breed fear in our collective consciousness, inspiring all who see the performance to become cultural and societal change agents.

About AmyJo Mattheis:

AmyJo Mattheis is an internationally known speaker, teacher and storyteller. She is a biblical scholar with expertise in women in scripture and the founder of the Illegal Bible Study Series, begun 20 years ago on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. She was ordained as a Lutheran minister.

She founded Her own community of ritual and meaning making, taught ethics & critical thinking at the University of the Pacific, and has lived and worked in Ghana, Jerusalem and Kenya in various capacities including as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer and Executive Director.

AmyJo is a Priestess of the 13 Moon lineage and is an ongoing student of the Sacred Feminine, working actively to integrate Love, Abundance and Unity into the systems and structures of our everyday world.

AmyJo guides women and men to re-story their own patriarchal stories through retreats, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions.

AmyJo is available to speak & tell story for your conference, classroom, congregation or other gathering of beautiful beings looking for ways to dissolve walls and open up to the flow.

From Eve to Me Promo


Here’s what people are saying about From Eve to Me:


“I laughed, I cried, I grieved the pain of all women who were never able to share their stories, or who were never witnessed for their truth and love.  Thank you to AMA for bringing these women to life, so we might see them in a different way.  Finally HERstory is being told!” Cindy Ma, Founder and Host, SHE Living TV. Berkeley CA


“Bravo! Honest. Healing. Real. Raw. Grateful for the level-setting, re-orienting story of Eden. An important call to action!” Lauren, CA.


“Mesmerizing. Energetic. Honest. Empowering. Inspiring.” Heather, CA.


“Damaging patriarchal stories were re-told in a way that was actually healing; no one was made wrong. It was truly an opening up to love.” Brian, CA.


YES! I’M IN!!!



And, a big shout out to Keli Meagher of Coffee Catz who agreed to provide the space for us!

Their café will be open and drinks and snacks will be available for purchase.

See you there!

Karen and Aimee




Aimée Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth have both walked the corporate executive path on the way to becoming skilled facilitators, teachers, authors, healers and channels.

Karen and Aimee

They excel in “walking both worlds,” balancing and enriching life in practical everyday life with the wisdom from the Higher Worlds. Their sparkling presence and charisma is an indication of how much they “walk their talk.” They offer exclusive programs, products, events, and individual coaching/healing sessions to their enormously loyal clients.

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