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Face to Face with Yourself


I think we all agree that whomever and whatever faces you is a mirror – what you like about what’s happening or about the person you are interacting with, represents what you like about yourself and vice versa.  It’s not always fun or easy – but, since it’s impossible to see ourselves without a mirror, this is the way we grow (or not).

Well, the Coronavirus represents the biggest mirror humanity has ever attracted!

Whether you live alone, or with others, what has it put you in touch with?

Hopefully, rather than worrying about dying, it is teaching you how to live!  Have you taken this opportunity to examine how you’ve been choosing to spend your time and your money?  If you have caught yourself hoarding supplies – has it revealed your belief in non-abundance?   Have you noticed in the quiet and slow down how you have been caught up in the noise and speed of life to see the truth?  How does it feel to have trusted those who you knew couldn’t be trusted and to have handed over your power through misplaced choices?  Are you showing up in a loving way, being of service to others in need?

Are the restrictions of “Shelter in Place” revealing the restrictions you have placed on yourself?  And perhaps, how you have chosen to place financial/career goals above your relationship intimacy, self-care and spiritual growth?  Are you able to see how enslaved you have been to money?

Yes, it’s a confront!  A world-wide jolt to wake us up!  Never has the world been so quiet!  The rivers, the oceans, the air and the earth are all taking this time to cleanse and rebalance – are you?

We’ve spent most of our lives looking for answers outside of ourselves – now, it is the time to look within.

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