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Freedom: Releasing Negative Beliefs


I am going to get personal today. I feel compelled to share a recent journey as, like many of you, I have been on a spiritual and healing path for a very long time. With my 65th birthday approaching, I chose to focus on two areas I wanted to have in place before that momentous occasion.

First, I wanted to be comfortable in my body at a balanced weight. I was not looking for a specific number – only that my body felt right. The second part of the balanced weight equation was that I would have my food dialed in.

What that meant to me was to know exactly what to eat that provided nutrition in the correct portions to sustain my energy while building health and vitality in my body. I desired to be off of the rollercoaster of highs and lows caused by sugar and processed foods which kept me fighting a daily battle with cravings and huge energy fluctuations.

Sometimes I was able to stay strong and other times, the cravings for ice cream won. I have been on this journey for years of ups and downs, can and can’t have; you know the story!  I craved peace. 4 months before my birthday, I discovered (I am not receiving any rewards for sharing their information), it turned out to be exactly what I needed and wanted.

The tag line is happy, thin and free. I was more drawn to happy and free, although if thin could be in the equation all the better. By my birthday, I was living all three with ease, dropping 14 lbs. in the process.

Secondly, I wanted to use the current energies available to move out anything that was holding me back from clearing my past hurts. I wanted to be living more fully than I ever have before. Since I began this journey 45 years ago, some would ask, “Isn’t that good enough?” and while I understand the question, I knew life could be even better.

When Aimée and I work with clients and they hit that really hard place again, we often see tears, frustration and downright anger. They express, “Haven’t I already looked at this, and dealt with this? I am so sick of it!”  Yes, they have looked at it, just not from the place they are now, as they go forward to expose another layer of the onion, it takes courage to carry on. We have a value in our business that we don’t teach anything that we do not know firsthand. New information was coming in from the guides that showed us a process to do even deeper clearings, that were more focused than ever before. I needed to do the process for myself.

Through a process of inquiry, I was shown by the guides that I had 6 negative beliefs that connected to a core belief. Core beliefs run under the surface and can affect everything in your life, often keeping you locked in an invisible jail cell you will not be aware of.  As I began reflecting on the question, the first beliefs that came to mind were more superficial, beliefs I was already aware of. I kept asking the question, “What are my negative beliefs?” as I wanted to get to the real deep core belief. When I finally did discover this suppressed belief, I was stunned at what was revealed. At that point, a movie of my life was being played in front of me showing how this belief had created so much unnecessary drama, trauma and pain. Memory after memory emerged, all created from one deeply buried core belief.

The most surprising piece, besides the belief itself, was I had never had the awareness or the thought before. Often when doing deep clearing work, you realize an issue was hanging around on the outskirts of your awareness for a long while, often most of your life. Some examples would be: lingering anger, depression, feeling unworthy, or that there is something deeply wrong with you that you must hide, etc. I wondered how it could be that I have never thought of this before, not even once. It is just like a shadow that followed me everywhere undetected.

After two days, I was drained from releasing the emotions and tears and yet at the same time I felt light and freer. For the first time in my life I felt an internal peace that continues to strengthen each day. Friends and colleagues are commenting on how different my energy is even though they did not know anything about the clearing. I am seeing the world in a new way as if a film has been removed from my glasses. I am confident that this shift is permanent!

Why am I telling you this? I came from an extremely abusive background. Once I left home I took over abusing myself, it was all I knew. At age 32, I finally decided to stop blaming my past circumstances for all my problems and stopped drinking and using drugs to numb the pain. Once the substances were removed the pain showed up in full force. Clearing the wreckage has been the driving force of my life. I am committed to having the life I was meant to have before the abuse and conditioning set me on a different trajectory.

I never believed I could feel the way I do now. What if I had decided that my life was good enough and had not taken this next step? That scenario is far more upsetting to me than diving deeply into whatever is presenting to be cleared. Don’t ever give up, your miracle could be in right here right now.

What does this article bring up for you? I invite you to share a comment here or email

Holding you in the love and light you deserve.

Love and blessings,

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Karen Halseth is a Certified Life Coach, Skilled Intuitive, Workshop Facilitator, and Inspirational Speaker.

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