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Navigating Through the Chaos Years

Why we are all so out of balance?  There are so many models and books on how to live a life in balance, so why is this still such a chronic problem? We long for more balance in our lives, while at the same time we’re consumed with simply making it through another day.

Rarely does sleep restore us; according to the National Institute of Health, 50 – 70 million adults have sleep or wakefulness disorders.

I’ve worked with several models to create more balance in my own life: models that ask me to prioritize what is important to me and then look at the difference between what I say is important and how I actually spend my time. It’s always a confront. But recently, I came across what seemed to be a radical model that showed a circle with a line down the middle, recommending half of my time be spent on me and the other half on others (and that included work). Still, I felt something was missing.

Then, it hit me: we are the centerpieces of our own Universe; so, if we drew a circle within a circle, the inner circle would represent how we first care and feed the loving relationship with ourselves, the commitment we have to our health and wellness of our bodies, the growth and development of our minds, the feeding of our relationship with spirit and time for fun and play.

The outer circle, our work and finances, intimate relationship and other relationships are fed by the aliveness, creativity, and presence generated by the energy produced in the inner circle. It’s easy to see why we feel like failures, when however successful we are in our work, we are incapable of giving quality time to those we love the most – we’re just too tired.

From a spiritual perspective, western women are here to change the world – how can we do that if we are running exhausted? The role that we signed up for, during the Shift of the Ages, is to be an Anchor for the Light; to be able to hold our grounding and centering in the midst of chaos providing beacons of light in the chaos years. Again, how can we do that if we are all burned out? It is not selfish to feed our mind, body and spirit – it is essential for our own evolution and to accomplish our purpose.

Everybody chooses how they spend their time in Earth, even if you feel you have no choice – that is your choice. If you feel you cannot take 50% of your time to refill yourself, what percentage are you comfortable with? Is that a larger percentage that you currently designate? If you are snapping at your spouse and children, feel guilty at shortchanging your parents, falling asleep at your desk, or aren’t paying attention to the needs of your body, this could be the wake-up call you have been waiting for. Just don’t wait until the wake-up call is more ominous!



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