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Seeing Things Differently

Remembering Einstein’s quote: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” the importance of reframing our thoughts and experiences begs discussion. I’ve shared a couple of insights in past blogs that set the stage for the power of the reframe: The quality of life is all in how you hold it. You can stop terrorizing yourself by
choosing to think empowering thoughts.

Reframing how you are holding a position, a result, or a wound is a way to release the pain and rigidity around it. For example: A client was holding on to a recent seeming failure in her career. It had shaken her confidence, caused her to doubt her original choice to work there and resulted in difficulty in finding another position. As we worked together, she was able to see that the actual reason for her being in that organization, was to complete her karma with her boss.

She recognized that, in fact, there was no way for her to win, except to remove herself and no longer play the game.

That was the win!

A colleague was conflicted in her desire to fulfill her contract in a non-profit that was entrenched in a #MeToo situation.

At the effect of the conflict between those members who wanted to keep everything the same and those who were behind the need for change, she realized that she had experienced past lives in this organization, and had only joined to resign from it, taking back her power and

I recently underwent a hysterectomy: it was not what I wanted and yet, I surrendered to the fact that my body needed it. After two weeks on the couch, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Imagine my surprise when I felt the nudge from my Guides: write down 10 benefits of having the surgery. The first five came easily related to
what had been removed; the second five surprised me as I saw how my relationships had all been up-stepped as a result. My intimate partner was most attentive to my
needs, and still is; my business partner showed up for me in such a spectacular way, my friends and community showered me in love, gifts, cards and messages. Most of all, I had to acknowledge that I am truly loved.

To re-frame something is to look for a deeper truth, beyond the urgings of the negative ego to find a problem (and, if possible, to make you the problem) and beyond the interpretation you have assigned to it. Usually your initial interpretation is related to a belief, like, “Nobody can be trusted,” or “I’m not good enough.” The limiting belief sets the context for your interpretation.

But, beliefs are just thoughts too – thoughts that we have repeated again and again until they become hardened into, “That’s just the way it is!” And yet, there is always a deeper truth lurking, if only you look for it.


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