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Shining Through the Weather


As we go through our daily lives, we have the opportunity to change the weather of our feelings and emotions affecting our internal well-being and everyone around us.

We can hold a higher vision for ourselves, our businesses and the world, focusing on bringing our light to everything we do.  There are days when it is easy to be upbeat, helpful, hopeful and a shining-brightly person. Then, there are other days that it seems that we are completely surrounded by grumpy, angry, heavy people, and it can feel like a dark cloud has just passed overhead and won’t budge. Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön says “The mind is as vast as the sky, everything else is only weather.” Allowing the energy and moods of others to affect us and bring us down is like allowing the weather to dictate every moment of your day. We can continue to shine through the darkness, offering our light through our presence to guide and uplift others no matter what is happening around us.

There are many who feel unnoticed, as if their very existence does not matter. We each have the power to offer a moment of grace; say hello, offer a gentle smile and nod, energetically saying, I see you… You Are Here and I Am Here.

We are here to make a difference! It is easy to get lost in the big rainstorms of life business, family, health issues and service, and we think we don’t have time for anything more, often feeling depleted. One way to fill yourself up is to consciously offer your light everywhere you go with every person you meet. Years ago, I started a practice of “being the one who smiles first” I put my smile on prior to walking out the door and softening my eyes wherever I am. Most often I connect with someone who gently smiles back. Some people are not trusting and look away, I smile anyway. It is not just for them, as I feel happier and lighter in the process of sharing my light.

Lighthouses were created for those at sea to come safely to shore in a storm. BE THE LIGHTHOUSE, shine your light to bless yourself and others.

Light and Love,

Karen Reneé

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