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The New Normal Includes Chaos

There is no denying that we are experiencing chaos worldwide. We are in the chaos years that have been predicted for thousands of years.

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This week during a client session Aimée and I were sharing how the current energy patterns are disruptive and creating chaos in order for each of us to do our deepest clearing work, or we will suffer even more. She exclaimed “haven’t you been talking about energies like these being present for years? When will it end”? We have been talking about this for years and it will not end, it will shift to another level yet will not end. When we are able to relax into the chaos that is presenting itself there is more peace even if for only a moment.

We experience chaos every day in large and small ways. The car won’t start, traffic is at a standstill causing distress that we will not make an appointment, sick children, aging parents with unpredictable needs, heartbreak, the list is endless. A new neighbor moves in that plays loud music and has parties that go late into the night, they own the house so nothing is going to change anytime soon.
Chaos IS good news? Chaos creates the openness where things fall apart and new creations arise. When you nearly crash your car or slip and nearly fall you are immediately thrown into present time and can experience open space. As a loved one is preparing to leave their body our experience of the now, one moment at a time, is a powerful experience.

Another way chaos is good news is that when things seem very bad, there is a big opportunity for something good to take place. It takes shifting your focus, asking, is this really true that I am holding this situation as bad can open you up to new possibilities.

The pain and confusion are now so vivid in the world that we have no choice but to acknowledge it. The possibility exists that we will all come to our senses and collectively discover and make higher level choices. Only by staring at the confusion and chaos while examining it will we discover a way forward. To enlighten means to “fully illuminate”, we see the problem and find a solution. Being unaware of the problem is not being enlightened it is being ignorant. Even on a personal level, when we have challenges in our life, the answer is already there; we just need to embrace it. If we are tired, rest, if we are overeating, stop and eat with moderation, if we are lonely make a connection with another.
Every morning we get to contemplate what we are doing in our life today and choose the energy we want to bring to it. Are we adding to the fear and anxiety or are we adding to the positivity, compassion and encouragement?

When we consider that chaos is good news, whatever comes our way -good or bad- has less power to throw us off track and obstruct our progress.

Chaos is in your midst, so be extra kind to yourself and others, you will be much happier if you are kind.

Love and blessings,

Karen & Aimee

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Karen Halseth is a Certified Life Coach, Skilled Intuitive, Workshop Facilitator, and Inspirational Speaker.

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