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The Purpose of Relationship

Do you remember falling in love? Did it feel as if you had stardust in your eyes, ensuring that you saw your beloved as perfect for you? This cosmic stardust is to make sure that you get together, as you have unfinished business together. You see, the purpose of relationship is to give you another chance to heal what remains unhealed from childhood. You attract someone with matching pictures and patterns and with whom you have a past life history of trying to work things out. You also attract someone who is vibrating at the same level of frequency.

Once the stardust dissipates (as it must – it’s work is done), the work of the relationship begins. Unfortunately, this is where most people decide that they were mistaken, their partner is not the person of their dreams, and they move on; only to repeat the cycle again and again until they settle for less than, perhaps because they feel they need to stay for the sake of the children or perhaps because they have lost hope that there is an alternative to making do.

Finding a partner who is committed to doing the work on themselves without projecting their own wounding on to the other, is essential. At this time on earth, no one is spared from the necessity of doing their healing work; the other simply provides the mirroring. This mirroring affects all of your relationships, not just your intimate ones. As Conscious Business Women, we hold ourselves to a higher standard; not of perfection, for that is not yet possible on the earth plane, but to recognize how each relationship with a client, colleague, boss, employee or vendor is in our lives to help us grow.

It is important to say that if one person within the relationship is committed to raising their vibrational frequency by doing their healing work and the other is not, the gap between them will widen to the point that the only way to connect is to lower one’s frequency, and that creates an even deeper level of suffering. These days, many relationships are ending for this reason.

I have found that respecting one another’s self-esteem is the pre-requisite in creating a safe environment in which to grow and heal. Blaming, sliming, abasing and projecting are all qualities of the third dimension: they create separation. We reincarnated with our soul groups, yet again, determined to bring our karma through to completion. Protecting one another’s self-esteem means never having a motive to make someone feel badly about themselves. Separating out the behavior from the person’s being is the way to do it. This works brilliantly with children too; a child’s physical age has nothing to do with their soul age. A tenet of the fifth dimension is respect for all beings. I yearn for the day when this tenet is the norm for how we all live together on earth.

Don’t you?

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